WordPress Perspectives of Developer and Marketer

The one thing we cannot denied that WordPress has occupied a big portion of website market share on the Internet, since it first launched in 2003. There are so many businesses around the world relied on WordPress for powering the websites.

However, based on the latest annual survey done Stack Overflow in 2019 surver and 2020 survey, developer voted WordPress as the most challenge and difficult CMS platform to work with. Not just WordPress alone, others traditional CMS platform including, Drupal, Squarespace and WooCommerce that sounds easy to for marketer to use, but it is seem to a pain for developer.

You may ask Why is that say so. According to conversation with couples of developers, they have given some support point that they dislike WordPress:

  1. The CMS platform is still built based on legacy code.
  2. The system is made without focusing much on flexibility
  3. The website seems to be a cheaper option to start with WordPress, but when come to extension or the website is growing, it will become hassle to be maintain
  4. The website that built with traditional CMS seem not to be scalable if you get into a wrong step of website structure planning in first place