5 Must Know WordPress Website Development Knowledge

  1. What is WordPress and the Team Behind
  2. Why Use WordPress and Its Trend
  3. Is Necessary to Use Page Builder Plugin
  4. Is WordPress Customizable Based on Industry
  5. SEO Compliance on WordPress website

What is WordPress and the Team Behind

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) which founded by Matthew Charles Mullenweg and Mike Little back in year 2003. Nowadays, WordPress organisations are powered by two groups of people, one WordPress.com and secondly WordPress.org. If you are new to WordPress, you will need to know the differences among them

Credit: automattic.com

WordPress.com is platform run by Automattic, a company founded by Matthew Charles Mullenweg as well. The company provides website hosting and domain name, where you can build a simple website or a blog. As default, your website address or domain will park under WordPress.com as sub-domain, example myamazingblog.wordpress.com. Aside from the free website, if you wish to custom domain name and other system integration, there are paid version upgrade available on WordPress.com

WordPress.org, on the other hand is run by non-profit foundation of Automattic. Here, is a place you can download WordPress web application to install on your own web hosting. WordPress software is open-source free to use on any purpose. To host and setup WordPress website, you purchase domain name and web hosting server from reputable server-services provider company. Most web host site provide WordPress quick setup service to avoid manual installation work from you.

Why Use WordPress and Its Trend

Many people said to themselves, is WordPress right for me?

According to Google Trends and some surveys, among CMS powered websites (other CMS software such as, WIX, Drupal, Joomla, etc.), it is a fact we can’t omit that WordPress has occupied the most websites globally. From simple site to even complex corporate website, WordPress as a foundation behind to build as a website and this is because the following facts that we summarized:

  1. The software cost is free and open source, no license is needed to use WordPress. While you need to pay unless you have customization of module and plugin which WordPress basic function can’t fulfill your requirements.
  2. Easy to use and simplicity, starting from version 5.0 of WordPress, Gutenberg is released which is new way of editing the page content. The idea behind of Gutenberg editor is if you can use a word processing software like Microsoft Word, you can to build and manage website through WordPress.
  3. Extendable plugins and customizable theme, if you wish to have tailor-made solution to achieve your different industry requirements. WordPress can be extended with either paid version plugins or third-party free plugins and we discuss more about customization in next few paragraph. Besides, WordPress themes provide the design and layout, with one click, the entire layout can be changed instantly.

Is Necessary to Use Page Builder Plugin

Besides the new built-in editor, Gutenberg, there are many page editors exist long before this as third-party editor WordPress plugins, such as WPBakery, Visual Composer, Elementor and EntertopWP.

We would say the support community of third-party editors will have stronger base as in many theme and templates could found in most paid platform, the most used by WordPress developer known as ThemeForest.

Where it comes to layout design and UX/UI, the premium third-party editor plugin will have more variety and flexibility that WordPress developer could word around to create website design based on your industry needs

Is WordPress Customizable Based on Industry

In general, the answer is YES. The community of WordPress is huge, there are nearly hundred thousand of WordPress plugin available through their plugin platform. Regardless of industry, we believe the available plugins can fulfil the different industry requirements and some plugins are even configurable in order to support the detail needs. Here some case scenarios that WordPress site can be built:

  • Membership subscription, you can create website with unlimited membership level and even categorise different membership levels in “Membership Groups”. From different membership group, the member will have to pay the subscription.
  • Traveling Hotel Booking,
  • Event Booking,
  • Intangible item purchasing,

SEO Compliance on WordPress website

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